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Focus Pads (Boxing)

Focus pads training has become one of the most effective methods of cardiovascular personal training. Aimed directly at weight loss and fat reduction, boxing is a great workout for the entire body, including range of motion and core strengthening. I am ready and willing to bring to you a full programme of fitness, with boxing moves as a key ingredient.

Not only does sparring with a partner or trainer raise your heart rate for quick bursts of time (the most effective method of burning fat), but it also works almost the entire range of muscles in your body.

Forcing you to squat from a low to high position with proper form and a correct defence, boxing moves works the legs and bum almost as one. In addition, the twisting and turning work your core and abdominal muscles. The tightening and toning of the arms and chest come from the actual jab and cutting motion.

Boxing works almost every muscle in your body, helping to define and tone your shape quickly and effectively. The best part about boxing with me is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere suitable for you.

To find out more about training please email me at robbi@twistedfitness.co.uk


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