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My interview with Brighton Active

Hi Robbi! Tell us how and when you first began your journey into becoming a Personal Trainer,
I began as a Gym Instructor at a gym in Haywards Heath 15 years ago. For the next 5 years I worked in various other gyms around the area and was also a squash coach. Seeing that my talents were being restrained, the manager of the gym I was working for sat me down and told me that he believed I had what it took to become a full time Personal Trainer. It was a bold move for me to go out on my own at this time, but I heeded his words and took the chance and launched my own brand, Twisted Fitness! Thankfully it was the right move and I built up a very successful client base in that area.

When did you decide to move to Brighton? Were things an instant hit for you when you moved down?
I moved to Brighton 10 years ago now and hit the ground running! I quickly found myself teaching 30+ classes a week including Body Pump and Circuit Training. I was also training 10-15 individual clients during this time as well! It was a very successful time for me but I found myself travelling regularly to and from the Health and Racket Club (now Virgin Gym), David Lloyd and Dragons. Added to which the large amount of classes I was running at this time and it wasn’t long before things became too much for me, and so I decided to do some travelling to clear my head and take a breather. Surprisingly though I was gone for 4 years before returning!

Wow! Were you still keeping in shape yourself during these 4 years away?
Honestly, no. Most of the money that I had went on living the good life. I packed on the weight and looked unrecognizable to the Personal Trainer from the UK that so many people knew.

How did you change things when returning to Brighton?
When I returned to Brighton I quickly found myself back in the fitness industry, only this time I was working on the marketing / sales side of things and was doing absolutely no training myself. Again, my health suffered and I put on more weight. I quickly found myself unhappy and wanting more out of what I was doing. After realising this could not go on any longer I decided to make a change and to get back to what I loved doing so much – Personal Training! This was almost two years ago now.

So you became a Personal Trainer for a second time so to speak?
That’s right. I quickly got a job working for Fitness First near Brighton Station. Here I used the first 4 months or so to find my feet within the industry once again, as well as get myself into the shape that I wanted to be at. I then left Fitness First and now work for nobody but myself.

Super! And how has that been for you?
It’s been fantastic! There has been a lot to learn but I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve recently finished my first official year of trading on my own and things are getting bigger and bigger at an alarming rate!

It wasn’t that long ago that you purchased your red Twisted Fitness van that we often see around Brighton as well
That’s right. It’s a superb looking van that has been completely branded, so it is very hard to miss. People are always telling me that they spotted me driving around. It’s great because I can store so much equipment in the back of it and bring it along to all of my clients and Bootcamps wherever they are.

Your client base seems to be growing at an extraordinary rate. What do you owe this to, and what do you think that your clients would say are the best things about you?
It’s amazing isn’t it! I have over 20 people turn up to my Bootcamps whatever the weather! I am extremely passionate about what I do, now more than ever, and my clients can see that. I believe that anyone can get results, it’s just about getting over any negative mindset first. One of my clients Drew was a size 18 and was looking to have a knee operation. With my help and her willingness she’s now a size 8 and has been told by her doctors that a knee operation is no longer needed. She even ran this year’s Brighton Half and Full Marathon’s!

You’re still one of Brighton’s only full qualified TRX trainers. Do you still incorporate the TRX into your Bootcamps and Personal Training sessions?
Absolutely! I am such a huge fan of the TRX because it is such an effective and safe piece of equipment. People are supported when they perform squats, lunges and crossovers, but with a tiny change in foot position they can challenge themselves more.

And what about your own fitness levels? Are you as fit as you were when you first became a Personal Trainer?
I am pleased to say that I am the fittest I have ever been at this moment in time. In between training clients I will train myself and also try and eat as healthy as I can. It’s important for me now more than ever to be a role model for my clients, someone that they can look up to.

What would you say to anyone dubious about working with a Personal Trainer such as yourself?
For me personally I would be first as tentative towards them as I can and aim to find out what their issues and worries are. From there I would create a tailor made program just for them, knowing what will work and what won’t. I’ll also look into what they eat and provide them with a nutrition plan including shopping list to make things a easy as I can for them.

Whatever your current fitness level come along for an introductory session with me, or let’s grab a coffee and talk things through.

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