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Basia  50 something – Brighton

I started training with Robbi because I was in a rut with my own fitness regime. I wasn’t overweight, but I was getting flabbier and more sluggish, and didn’t feel good in my clothes. I also had plantar fascists (a foot problem) which was caused by poor training techniques, and also a chest issue which meant I needed to use an inhaler occasionally. I’ve never worked harder than I do with Robbi-I ached so much after the first session, I thought I was going to die. He pushes me to my limit, but never beyond it. He never once aggravated my injury, or created a new one by over training me. Every session is different, but he is constantly fun and funny throughout, so the time flies by. He also sends encouraging, motivational texts in between sessions.
I’ve lost pounds, inches, and I’ve not needed to use my inhaler once since I started with him. And my plantar fascitis has healed, due to his proper training techniques.
I still train with him-he’s a friend, and part of my life now. I can’t recommend him highly enough…awesome trainer, awesome dude

Great testimonial from Mel,

Just finished robbi’s 21 day personal training online and well what can I say I have lost an amazing 18lb thats more then I have ever lost on any of the silly fad diets I have tried before , I have never been to a gym and the only excersise I ever did was running around after kids, im not going to lie the excersises were hard and at times I wanted to give up but robbi gave me all the encouragement I needed to keep going, any question I had he answered he has taught me what I should be eating and what I shouldn’t and that was my problem before eating all the wrong foods.Now I feel fantastic I actually look forward to excersising which is something I thought I would never say . Thank you so much robbi for pushing me in the right direction will be booking my first actual pt session next week and I cant wait .

Thanks Brian for this great testimonial

I don’t enjoy exercise and my natural pace is quite slow, consequently I was sceptical that two sessions a week could make a difference, but I was wrong! after just 6 weeks with Robbi I have lost 10kg – something I never though I could do in my mid thirties!
Robbi listens and really wants to know your goals, he is then master at creating varying workouts and diet plans. My sessions are always exhausting but the level of exertion he demands ‘just right’.
I am fitter, breathing and sleeping better than I have in long time.”
Thanks Robbi!

New testimonial from Rikke

Hi my name is Rikke. I am 40 years old and have been severely overweight all my adult life.

I started training with Robbi in March 2013 after seeing some of my friends post good reviews online. I had very low expectations as I have tried and failed so many times at the whole weight loss business and had lost all confidence in myself. Then I met Robbi…..
Robbi talked me through his plans both for exercise and diet and we talked about goals, realistic goals and then we got started.
I learned very quickly that this super positive guy was with me all the way, that he had faith in me even when I didn’t. He pushed me just a little bit more than I thought possible and the results were very clear to see very quickly. His advise about my eating habits proved priceless as I have since the start , reduced my medication for type 2 diabetes to the bare minimum with view to come off completely by the end of the year. Fitness wise I have gone from being able to walk for 20 minutes to doing a good workout almost every day. I was a size 28 bottom and 30/32 top and am now a size 20 bottom and 22/24 top. My weightloss so far is 4 stone and I feel healthier, fitter and more energetic than I have since my teenage years.
Robbi has seen me through the good and the bad for the last 6 months with support , care and hard work. Why should you train with Robbi? Because you simply can’t get better. He is a remarkable , positive, hard working man who will get you the desired results if you let him. He has changed my life completely.

Why Hannah Lyons wanted me to train her !

I’m of a relative fitness but have taken on the challenge of doing one endurance challenge a month throughout 2013 to raise money for the Chestnut Tree Hospice.20130907-140630.jpg
The challenges have all been tough but I’ve just about managed to get through them due to my stubborn nature. After taking a couple of weeks off training for holidays etc I found that I’d gained some unwanted pounds and wanted to do something fast to get back into shape and ready for the next challenge – Tough Mudder!
I saw Robbi on Facebook and thought Twisted Fitness was exactly what I needed and it’s exactly what I got.
The training was perfect for my needs to tackle the 19k obstacle course and run, it put me in my best shape all year.
In only a few weeks I noticed a vast improvement In my fitness, I was running up the stairs every time, using heavier weights, pushing myself every time to improve and it was all down to Robbi’s unique way of coaching and understanding of what the body needs. He knows how to get the best out of you, because he makes you want to do it too.
Unfortunately I didn’t achieve my weight target but that’s because of the strength I gained, I did however lose inches, lots of them, which is better than weight any day!
I achieved my goal but training with Robbi made me realize that I could do more so I’ve stuck with him to get me through the rest of the year of pain and help me to be the best I can. Robbi understands my goals and helps me achieve them, my next big challenge is the NYC marathon and Robbi is now working with my running coach on my training schedule to achieve my next target of a sub 4hr marathon taking 30 mins of my April time! If anyone can get me strong enough and fit enough to do it, it’s Robbi, he’d chase me the whole way with a stick if he thought it would hit my goal because my goal and now become his goal and that’s what really makes the difference with him as a trainer, a coach and now a friend (albeit one that hurts you a lot).
If you’d like to support my Year of Pain and the Chestnut Tree Hospice please donate at www.justgiving.com/baagency

Sarah Cady Peacehaven.​​

OMG this testimonial from one of my clients this morning made me well up, knowing that I’m making a huge difference in this world ! Thank you so so much !20130112-075447.jpg

I started training with Robbi four months ago, after years of going to the gym up to five times a week and not seeing any results. I was stuck in a rutt, frustrated and hated my body. A friend introduced me to Robbi at one of his boot camps, It was very apparent from our first meeting how passionate Robbi was about his job,
After a brief chat to Robbi about my exercise/diet, I decided to give pt sessions a try (although apprehensive at first whether p/t sessions would make a difference to my body and the way i felt about) HOW WRONG COULD I HAVE BEEN THEN!
Each session with Robbie has been a challenging, everyone different, Robbi’s vast knowledge of diet/exercise is amazing, each session i have with him I’m not only getting fitter I’m being educated too.(Fantastic)
Robbi is always smiling/happy, always encouraging and pushing me too my limits and beyond, i actually look forward to my p/t sessions every week, It lifts my spirits and leaves me buzzing with the feeling I’ve worked hard. I’ve loved my journey so far, and far I’ve come, I’ve seen so much change in my body, muscle definition and a flatter tummy. (No overhang) when wearing trousers. (So happy)
I look in the mirror now and for the first time ever in 44 years “I LOVE MY BODY”. I’ve never been able to say that before. Robbi has changed the way i feel about myself/life, I’m so much happier within my own skin. I never would have thought four months ago I’d be jumping onto 26 inch boxes or running up 6 flights of stairs with 10k weight jacket and loving every minute.
I will always be grateful to Robbi, for he has had a big impact on my life and i want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. I’m loving life now and my body, he’s taught too age in just a number and anything is achievable if you want it bad enough and willing to work hard to get it.
I want to do so much more and aim so much higher, i know I’ll get there with Robbi’s help.
I would recommend Robbi highly, even my friends know how AMAZING this man is at his job and have decided to do p/t with him, Robbie has many success stories and I’m Proud to be one of them. ​​​​​​

Ashley Rossi-Bennett- Peacehaven

WOW thanks Ash ! Very kind words…

Come and train with me guys and this is why…

Being a former fitness instructor and marathon runner I have also plodded along going ‘ok’ But I realised I could do a lot more so I seeked help and Robbi delivered.

Robbi firstly got me down a stone for my wedding day!! And that’s just the beginning. He has changed the way I think about food which is were I have been stuck on in the past and most of all he has inspired me and motivated to finally reach out and grab those goals.

I will continue to work with him because his sessions are fantastic and are everything I want!! He listens to you and understands.I wanted to be pushed to my very limits and he never fails to deliver. Thank you for so far and for what I WILL achieve.

Great words from one of my PT clients Androulla Mccarthy

I was not the kind of person that had ever considered a Personal Trainer. Having avoided physical activity because of knee problems and being overweight, it took me a lot of courage to start training with Robbi.After losing nearly 5 stone in weight with Robbi, he has taken my training sessions to a new level and has helped me find a new passion for training.The reasons I’ve carried on training with Robbi is he has given me great nutritional advice to ensure my diet supports my training. His encouraging and professional, he knows when to praise and when to push you.My training with Robbi is constantly adapted to push me as I’ve gained strength and confidence and it has NEVER become mundane.I’ve learnt so much over my time with Robbi,and not just about exercise and weight management, but about me, my food intake, my energy levels and general well being and what I can do for myself to get the most out of life !Robbi’s profound knowledge and experience makes him a positive motivator for anyone in need of some encouragement, and I would highly recommend him.His changed my life !

Thanks Elisabeth Morant !

My weight wasn’t a big issue,needed a few pounds off but what I really wanted was a tone body! I had met robbi when I join his boot camp classes so I knew how professional he was and seeing so many amazing changes in his clients I knew robbi was the man that would shape me up.I started pt training with robbi and it was hard to begin with but I slowly felt stronger,fitter and more importantly happier.As I grew stronger robbi will make my next session more challenging it wasn’t the same old workout which made it more interesting!he can help with a diet plan and he’s always available to answer any questions you may have;  robbi is friendly,dedicated,and love his job; u make a commitment and what u get is result. Thank you robbi

Thanks Katie Roper for your kind words ! - Newhaven Bootie Camp

All the reason that I love Newhaven Bootie Camp

As a mum of a toddler I find it impossible to excercise at the gym. This is for a number of reasons but mainly childcare and cost.
Life is expensive and gym memberships that would allow me to attend in the evening are extortionate and totally unobtainable plus i must admit that when I have attended in the past (prior to having my daughter) I felt intimidated as the majority of the other people there were men.
Bootie Camp is amazing. There are so many lovely ladies who have a similar reason for going….to get fit and have fun doing it. We work hard, we get on amazingly well as we are all like a massive family. We enjoy every minute and feel safe as we can attend together and leave together. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we all have a body hang-up of one thing or another but when we are all together working our socks off this doesn’t matter.


Tom Webster from Channel 4′s Coach Trip

“As a personal trainer Robbi completely restructured my approach to diet and exercise and I cannot thank him enough for the results. When I first started personal training with Robbi he was always quick to pass on his knowledge and his friendly personality makes him an asset to the industry.”

Charlotte – Brighton

“As someone who has worked with personal trainers before and not had the success I was looking for I didn’t have high expectations on meeting Robbi. How wrong could I have been! Through Robbi’s hardwork, persistence, motivation and inspiration I have achieved the results that I had given up on.
I enjoy my training sessions immensely and regardless of my mood, Robbi always succeeds in making me work hard and feel great. The variety of training that Robbi puts me through means the sessions are never boring and his determination for you to succeed means you never give up!
I would recommend Robbi to anyone who wants to work hard, achieve great results and enjoy it all at the same time. I always thought that having a personal trainer was a luxury but Robbi has shown me that he is quite simply a necessity! He is the best trainer I have ever had and I will never train with anyone else again”!

Stefan Britton – Pure 360

“Robbi genuinely wants me to achieve my goals. His commitment and enthusiasm makes me feel like I’m his only client. For me Robbi’s willingness to work around my schedule has made a massive impact. I know I will do what I need to do because Robbi comes to me at times when it suits me. Robbi’s knowledge and ability is only surpassed by his endless enthusiasm. His attention to the importance of real fitness rather than gym vanity has changed my approach to training and consequently has become a stabilising cornerstone of my life. He keeps you motivated even when you’re not training with texts and calls to help you achieve your goals”.

Alice Wright – Fitness First Brighton

He is tremendously enthusiastic about fitness! He manages to be kind and stern all at the same time and while he makes you feel great about yourself he always reminds you that there is room for improvement. I feel slimmer, leaner and healthier thanks to our fun and varied sessions. Thank you Robbi, I couldn’t do without you now.

Ed Parnell – Haywards Heath

“Robbi has been my personal trainer for the past 2 years. During this time he made a considerable difference to my level of fitness, core strength and flexibility. We train very early in the morning and he has been unfailingly punctual, cheerful and interested in what he is doing. He appears to know a large variety of exercise techniques and during the time i have known him has attended several courses, keeping up to date and learning new methods to exercise. This includes Pilate’s type exercises which has more or less abolished my previous problems with lower back pain. He is friendly and easy to get on with, making training and exercise enjoyable rather than a chore. I cannot recommend him highly enough”

Kerry Savage – King Alfred Leisure Centre Brighton

“Not only have I managed to shed some pounds and some inches all over enabling me to fit into my dress for my forthcoming wedding, but personal training with robbi has given me a new lease of life, I have my energy back, I have a new confidence, more time for my children as I am less tired and more fun again….. The exercise program along with the nutrional advice and encouragement is worth every penny…. Now I can not only walk down the isle with confidence in my dress but knowing I have energy to enjoy the whole day”

Charlie Martin – Sussex

“I have trained with Robbi for a number of years; in that time he has been unfailingly upbeat and great company. When we have a good result on the scales after a proper week’s dieting and exercise, Robbi is as genuinely thrilled and excited as I am; – similarly, when the opposite happens after returning from a holiday, I feel as if I have let my old pal down if I put on too much weight, (which helps to stop doing it!) He pays attention if you have an injury (real or imagined) and tailors the sessions around how well you are exercising on the day. He is generous, trustworthy and an all-round Good Guy. I would happily recommend him to anyone as a great Personal Trainer.”

Liz Simpson – Brighton

I had several training sessions with Robbi at fitness first. He was great fun to train with, his workouts had variety including boxing and trx training which i had never tried before.
He really pushed me to my limits giving me inspiration to get fit and reach my goals.
On a personal level Robbi is friendly and interested to know how your doing and help you with any aspects of diet and exercise. I would definitely recommend him as a personal trainer to friends and family in the future.

James W Dempster – Sales Manager

“Like most people, I struggled for motivation to get back in shape so sought the services of a PT. Robbi is second to none in terms of finding out your goals and helping you reach them whilst never faltering in being able to get you to do those difficult 2-3 more reps. I couldn’t recommend Robbi highly enough if you are thinking of getting in shape or improving your fitness.”

Francesca Purcell – Fitness First Brighton

Having trained in various gyms for over 10 years, I felt I needed to try something different to improve my fitness levels. I decided to invest inpersonal training with Robbi, and I must admit it was a brilliant decision. He pushed me to my limits, challenged my fitness levels whilst keeping it
fun and creative. Each session was different, engaging and tailored to my training goals. I saw big results, very quickly. I can not recommend personal training with Robbi more highly, if you want big results he’ll make sure you’ll achieve them !

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